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Tours: Most of the Haunted Cherokee Street Tours are approximately 3 hours in length. Public tours are available April - November each year!
Launching in 2015!
Time: Schedule Coming Soon! Most tours will begin at 7:00 p.m. unless marked otherwise. We have additional tours and dates in the fall.
Prices: $25 Per Person (Walking Tours)
$20 For Children 8-12 Years Old
Departs: Details are Coming Soon!

The Haunted Cherokee Street Tour from American Hauntings is a historical tour of the ghosts, ghouls and gangsters that linger from the history of the famous Cherokee Street District in St. Louis. A spine-tingling and entertaining trip back in time from an award-winning tour company that has been offering history and hauntings tours since 1994!

The Haunted Cherokee Street Tours will be launching in 2015! We know that you've been waiting, but they ARE Coming!
The Cherokee District first gained importance in St. Louis history during the 1890s, largely due to the convenience of the new electric streetcar lines. Two branch lines of the Union Depot Railroad Company crossed at Cherokee and California Avenue, creating a transfer point for streetcar passengers. This ready-made group of potential customers attracted merchants to the area and they established stores nearby, marking the beginning of the Cherokee Street District. Soon, bakeries, stores, repair shops and eateries were lining the street, stretching all of the way down to the Lemp Brewery, which had been established years before and was one of the largest in the city.
By the early 1900s, the commercial district had become well established. A number of dry goods stores had opened their doors, along with groceries, barber shops, shoe stores, tailors, druggists, dentists, jewelers, photo studios, confectionaries, butchers and millinery shops. Both Woolworths and S.S. Kresge offered "five and dime" stores on Cherokee in the early 1920s. J.C. Penney opened a store in 1936. The Ziegenhein Brothers Livery and Undertaking Company was located at 2621 Cherokee from 1901 until about 1940.These buildings play host to antique shops, book stories, restaurants and taverns today.

Among the early businessmen on Cherokee was Fred Wehrenberg, who opened his first theater at 1953 Cherokee in 1906. Other amusements followed, like the Cinderella Theatre in 1915, which also offered a dance hall and skating rink. The Casa Loma Ballroom opened on Iowa Avenue in 1940, taking the place of the ShowBoat Dance Hall. The former ballroom is just one of the many places along Cherokee that promises ghost stories on the Haunted Cherokee Street Tour.

Of course, there are few locations on the tour (or in the city of St. Louis) that have more ghost stories connected to them than the infamous Lemp Mansion and the Lemp Brewery, which is located on Cherokee Street.
Adam Lemp, a German immigrant who came to St. Louis in the 1830s, introduced lagered beer to the city and built a brewery on Cherokee Street in the 1840s. It soon became the largest in the city and later rivaled Anheuser-Busch as the most popular in the region. His son, William, took over the business in the 1860s and it was greatly expanded. In 1869, the nearby Lemp Mansion was built and served as the family residence and later, company offices. A string of sudden deaths and suicides cursed the Lemp family and the brewery was closed during Prohibition. It never re-opened, but it still stands today and is featured on the tour. The Lemp Mansion itself is known as one of the most haunted houses in America and it's believed that family members still linger within its walls.

Near the Lemp Brewery is the DeMenil Mansion, which was built in 1845 and purchased by Dr. Nicholas DeMenil in 1856. The Greek Revival mansion soon became a favorite river landmark. In the 1940s, the house became linked to mysterious Cherokee Cave after the owner moved into the mansion and developed the cave, which was closed in 1964. Not surprisingly, the mansion has ghosts of its own!

The Haunted Cherokee Street Tours are based on Troy Taylor's book, SUICIDE & SPIRITS, about the Lemp family and the new HAUNTED ST. LOUIS, coming in 2015!

The Haunted Cherokee Street Tours Begin in 2015!
If you have a business on Cherokee Street with a ghost story, tale of murder and mayhem or unusual history -- we want to hear from you. Click Here to Email us!

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